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Team Building

Give your office a totally rad
Philly team building activity — at the city’s top rated escape game.

Best Team Building Philly

Escape the 1980s is in Center City at the Bourse (4th & Chestnut).
It’s a top choice for team building in Philadelphia. 
You don’t need to know anything about the 80s to play.


Philly Team Building Activity

You don’t need to know anything about the 80s to play! Call to book: 215.402.703

Escape the 1980s has hosted thousands of team building clients and maintains solid 5-star rating across all sites! Offer a thrilling team building experience that will instantly bond your staff.

Your team will bond, laugh, open up — and just have fun together…without a drop of alcohol. This is an escape room experience that’s radically different than anything else in the city. It’s designed around humor, excitement, positivity, laughter and surprise — all while (secretly) creating a stronger bond in your staff. Read our reviews!

Who visits us? Fortune 500 groups and small businesses alike. Our games are built on the psychology of group dynamics by a team of engineers, UX experts and artists. Your staff will do some serious team building…and they won’t even know its happening.We’ll help you achieve this.

Our Team Building Games are AWESOME.
Book when it fits your staff’s schedule.

Philly Team Building Activity

Our games are built on the psychology of player experience Learn More >>

• Bring your whole team – Each private game can hold up to 14 players. Have a larger group? We can host a full team building party for your group – (16-42 players). call us for details.

• A few blocks from City Hall (& FREE Beers!)  – Located in one of city’s coolest neighborhoods at 4th & Chestnut, it’s easy to get to us from your office… and ridiculously easy to park!  Plus, there’s LOTS to do afterwards (like getting FREE BEER).

• Games on your schedule – Our team building games can be booked over the phone on your schedule. Call us, and we’ll do our best to find a game at your requested time.

• Someone in your office WILL wear a fanny pack.
And that’s all we’re gonna tell you.

There’s only one Escape The 1980s™ game in the world — written and built from scratch by Steel Owl Productions — the same group that did the Escape Games at The Franklin Institute. It’s right here in Philadelphia. If you don’t play it here, you’ll never play it.

Created by Steel Owl Productions 
Steel Owl builds interactive experiences and games for large companies like Autodesk and museums like The Franklin Institute! We’ve given seminars across the country, written books, and we even have our own tech company. What makes us different are that our games are built on laughter and fun. There’s no 80s info or trivia needed to play.

Escape the 1980s was the first “80s” escape game in the world (for real. this isn’t a joke). It was written by the owners… and we only have only one location; right here in Philadelphia. You’ve never played this game before if you haven’t played it here.

Book a wildly popular Philly team building activity at the nation’s “bubble gum pop” of escape games.
Your office will LOVE YOU for this.

Call and we’ll help you get booked — 215-402-7036