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Dine & Play Parties

Escape The 1980s hosts ultra rad
DINE & PLAY Parties
for large groups (14-42).

Looking for a place to bring your large group? Dine & play parties take care of it all. You bring the people. We’ll provide the fun!  Call us. Book it all in ten minutes.

Dine & Play Parties are available after 3PM. Call to book!

Have a large group or team that wants to play? Escape the 1980s hosts large group parties with back-to-back games in partnership with the Bourse Food Hall.

Here’s how it works:
Book your large group with us, and we’ll set up a reserved section for your party in the magnificent Bourse Food Hall, packed with the city’s top food creators. Every hour, we’ll take a mini-team into the game. While one group is playing, the rest of your party will be eating, drinking and partying in an exclusively reserved spot — right in the Bourse!

Check out the brochure below for details and give us a call to book.

“Dine & Play Parties” for Large Groups get AWESOME deals. Your guests will have ongoing entertainment — PLUS, you can have reserved party space FREE!

Bring 16-42 Guests – Our Dine & Play parties hold 14-42 players. In partnership with The Bourse, we can offer exclusive use of our “reserved section” in the food hall to celebrate. Every hour, we’ll take a mini group into the game. Call us to schedule.

FREE Party Space after 3PM – The Bourse has agreed to a no-charge space rental as a promo for our private parties! Groups must purchase at least $300 worth of catering/food/drinks from vendors inside the Bourse. You can choose to have your party catered with one vendor… or you can get Bourse Hall Restaurant certificates and your guests can choose any vendor they want! Pretty good deal, huh? We can help you figure all of this out. Here are the blackout dates.

Easy Parking  – Totally easy to park! There’s a parking garage (literally) right next to us.

FREE Photos – Guests in our large groups receive a free printed game photo at the end of each their experience!

FREE Beers & Hip Location – We’re in the Bourse food hall at 4th & Chestnut, packed with a smorgasbord of incredible foods. There’s LOTS to do afterwards (like using the FREE BEER cards you won in the game). Here’s everything you need to know about our location.

LARGE GROUPS – Dine & Play Parties
* Call to book – 215-402-7036 *

Large groups event parties include the following:

• Back-to-back, private games with timed scores
• Reserved seating –  Purchase food & drinks through vendors at the Bourse
• A FREE photo print from each game.