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Book a Private Game for your guests.
It’s one of the MOST FUN things to do in Philly.

Best Escape Room In Philly

Get a photo print after your game with a totally rad frame. They’re cheap (5 /$25)

You want a group activity that will get everyone in a good mood. It needs to be fun and energetic. You want your guests laughing. You want to ignite conversation.

Really, you want AN EXPERIENCE — and something they’ll remember forever. Whether you’re planning to visit Escape The 1980s for a birthday party, an office event, a family reunion or a “friends night out” — your entire group will experience THIS.

Private Escape Game

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Private games are just YOUR GROUP…
and closed to the public.

Players – When you book a private game, that means you’re simply booking the room. Our private games can be booked for 4-14 players — and can include kids.

Pricing  -For the game only with up to 14 players, prices are $413 (Sun-Thurs) and $469 (Fri-Sat) including taxes and fees. Book online here.

FREE Gift – Birthday? Shower? Wedding Party? If you’re celebrating an event, the guest of honor will receive a special 80’s headband, the role of Team Leader — and given a walkie talkie and fanny pack to use.

FREE Beers & Hip Location – We’re on 4th and Chestnut in the Bourse building, packed with 5-star restaurants, hipster bars, yuppie hangs and really cool little shops. It’s easy to park and there’s LOTS to do afterwards (like using the FREE BEER cards you won in the game).

There’s only one Escape The 1980s™ game in the world — written and built from scratch by Steel Owl Productions — the same group that did the Escape Games at The Franklin Institute. It’s right here in Philadelphia. If you don’t play it here, you’ll never play it. 

Steel Owl Productions builds experiences for large companies like Autodesk and museums like The Franklin Institute! We’ve given seminars across the country, written books, and we have our own tech company. But really, our games are built on laughter and the flurry of surprise. Escape the 1980s was the first “80s” escape game in the world (for real. this isn’t a joke). It was written by the owners… and we only have one location; right here in Philadelphia. You’ve never played this game before if you haven’t played it here.